For the magic seventh time at the top of the schedule, it feels like Paul Costelloe is responsible for all this. Somehow, he’s the excitement we feel as the dark curtains of the everyday roll back to reveal the next chapter of the beautiful frenzy that’s London Fashion Week.

The collection proves us right: fashion week fever and Costelloe are one. He packaged suspense, drama, darkness and light, with abundant supplies of everything we need for a trip to our favourite kind of the dark side. 

Mocha, rich plum, silver and black, floating down a river of gold. 

While the designer did build on his signature tweeds and classic coats, his sharp tailoring breathed new life into 1950s cuts, skirt suits, large lapels, tulip skirts and dresses, all incredibly flattering to the figure.

Puff sleeves and sculpted necks in organza added drama without being theatrical. Fabrics also included silk and brocade, with hints of black lace peeping out of necklines. 

Black leather spray-on arm and legwarmers completed the rich, soft, glowing looks, giving all that golden era opulence an edge to die for.

It was Paul Costelloe at his best, with a wholesome collection, evenly covered with antique gold dust - dramatic, but in a way that it made today’s women want to have (and wear) it all. 

He showed he not only had the expertise but also a fairytale-worthy imagination… mysorta fairytale, for sure.

watch the short edit here
runway stills:

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