Inspired by African and Japanese warriors, Lord Of The Flies and painter Jonas Burgert, beautiful Canadian Todd Lynn unleashes yet another pack of urban gladiators, born of the marriage of the last two collections.

The evolution of THE shoulders has taken two distinct directions. Some have softened into rich leather cushions, snug around the upper arms, while others literally mutated into body armour, in the form of intricate skeletal structures of leather or overgrown muscles covered by fur.

The outfits, truckloads of leather on a palette of black, rich grey and taupe, are structured and deliciously unisex - mostly slim jodhpurs with razor sharp jackets or coats. Just a simple, great cut, you could say, but look again, and a series of little stunts like collar details, sculpted half sleeves, cap sleeves, slanted fronts, wide trims on trousers' pockets and panels on jackets will make your head spin.

Fur making its way down the catwalk has turned quite a few heads in the audience, probably looking for evidence of an imminent attack, but there was no show-stopping besides the outfits. Rock 'n' roll girls, lonely hunters, wild at heart, wearing the trousers most of the time, this is for you. I, for one, will steer clear of fur, but still, this autumn winter collection, a force of nature, has taken the number one position on my wishlist. Now that the show is done with, Todd's mind is already on the next challenge but... can this get any better?

written for and published on Grazia Daily.
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