Softly glowing, no fuss daywear served to a cool chillout beat, anyone?

Unbelievably simple, basic dresses, trousers, tops, a couple of skirts, blazers, petticoats, trenches and OTK boots. Hey, even I could do that. If I could just have a few of those perfectly cut numbers somewhere near the top of the scrap pile I call closet.

The best part of the show was the colours gliding almost seamlessly across the spectrum - stone, then cream, egg, mink, grey, charcoal, chocolate, black and wine, carrying all those edible basics on their backs.

Colour combinations were just as appetising, some outfits in one colour full-on, others in different hues of the same colour, still others in either soft or hard contrasts.

Day dresses were soft or flowy, but I wasn't sold on the cocktail dresses -all right, one maybe, with that more modern cut- as by now, we have seen all the lace, sequins and feathers our eyes can handle.

Leather is this girl's best friend, which Frida Giannini uses cleverly in this collection, but again, this is nothing we haven't seen in past seasons at Celine or Bottega Veneta.

But you know what? I would still be one happy kitty if I could lure any of those best friends through my door... Maybe if I promise not to leave it buried in the scrap pile? How about administering its own hanger? Or closet? House? Palace...?

Full show in two parts

runway stills:

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