A friend with Google tattooed over her heart (and who knows what else) sent me the Search Stories link to get me to create mine, and I answered the ping, apparently.

As I added my searches I thought they could not tell the story, but then realised they were not meant to. That there is no story after all, but what we make of years and years of experience, or what the viewer makes of six snapshots. Kinda makes sense.

Here's how I explained this to myself the other night - kindly forgive the freak wisdom, it was 3am and not much sleep (yawn) over the past week: 'life is not a series of decisions but decades of vague search that miraculously pinpoints the present'.

So, don't expect anything too smart or done. It's just part of my search.

Oh, and thanks for the little piece of inspiration to a lovely lovely Nelli - we will all miss Her Ladylikeness. And the giggles. Yes, even the earsplitting ones.

***what does the sub-heading 'surge of energy spark of inspiration', 'one little victory' and 'ceiling unlimited' have in common? Something that should probably be tattooed on my butt. The vid should give you a clue.

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