Todd Lynn is no stranger to magic. Genesis Redux, the title of his spring/summer collection, is a charm he used to bring beautiful new creatures to life yet again.

You can certainly feel the freshness, but for most of the collection, novelty is only skin deep. What Todd has in store for the next season connects very strongly and organically to his previous work. 

He doesn't change, he evolves - just have a look at the review of the previous collection La Chasse. What he does, simply clicks and stays with you.
In short, Todd Lynn is magic, religion and evolution, all in one.

Strutting the catwalk to a hardcore chillout tune, came the more ethereal sisters of last season's urban warriors in muted, pale colours. Snakeskin replaces fur, and shoulder inserts, mere hints of earlier versions of body armour, have fully softened to the shape of the body. Note the slanted cuts, trims and panels we have come to love so much...


Next, we are back to the future, with new shapes, contrasts and moods that somehow feel familiar, evoking nostalgia for many things from iconic art movies to silly space soaps. 

Beautifully sculpted tops and dresses on a striking white canvas, and the inevitable metallics instantly conjure up images of a gigantic wheel-shaped spaceship drifting gracefully in a sea of calm.

Quite a departure, but it's hard to deny how liberating it is to see Todd offering his own take - and unique spin - on sci-fi retro, a collection within the collection.


Whether you're a warrior or an ace of space, sometimes you need a break from it all. Be it skirts, tops, dresses, jackets or city shorts, Todd offers all the delicious, soft basics you need in nude, steel grey, graphite and black, for work or play.


As much as I love Todd exploring themes as a capsule  (how retro!) collection, I find it reassuring that he's in no hurry to bow to quickly changing trends. He will never cease to impress with pieces that are sleek, sharp, body-hugging, tailored, rock 'n' roll, rebel... well, a rebel with tremendous poise.

How can you not identify with that? And although I'm not one for furry monsters or slithering pythons, from him I'll take it. I'll take acryl coated table cloth, as long as it is tailored with the same style, love and attitude he charms into his pieces, season on season.

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