Topshop Unique caused a bit of a shock when, instead of serving up a year's worth scoop of chic minimalism, it sent the craziest, loudest hippy outfits down the catwalk, that is, the disused old Eurostar terminal at Waterloo station. Even though the more subtle 1970s pieces have made yet another comeback this autumn (just think of the palazzo trousers, pussy-bow blouses and flowy printed tops), this in-your-face, exuberant version of party outfits and loungewear left many quite speechless.

The Crazy Bunch

Still, if the above is not exactly your cup of tea, forget the towering perspex wedges even models could not walk in, or some of the psychedelic outfits that will make your friends feel stoned the minute you arrive to the party. Let's just look at a few pieces you can safely and clearly label as utterly beautiful, actually worth flashing your plastic for. Get out there and catch the vibe quick - the freakout effect won't last forever!

The Good Bunch

see the video here if you dare 

runway stills: Beauty Is Diverse

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