GreyCatte's Book of Style turns one year old today!

Which means, it must be the time of the year that I got into fashion blogging, with a Todd Lynn show report getting published, and a BlackBerry prize. It's the autumn/winter collections shown during London Fashion Week. So, it was just about time to, errrm... flip the cat, obviously.

One day, Flip The Cat might make the top twenty list of mock traditions a dear friend shares with the world on a regular basis. In fact, I'm counting heavily on her to remind me of the bizarre background story and the anniversary ritual (possibly involving approaching a somewhat unsuspecting but still bloodthirsty cat?) I have, of course, known forever, just forgot.

I seriously doubt flipping the cat could ever come anywhere near her Pass The Pig extravaganza for New Year's Eve, or become a mass celebration of jungle dancing around a huge pyre made from last year's fashion week notes, long-expired wishlists and bag pocket dirt. Still, from now on, you can ask me, "How long till you flip the cat?", or, "How many times have you flipped the cat?" Break the ice, y'know.

That celebration thing reminds me - might need to find some use to bone-dry mascara, nail polish, some coloured eye makeup I never used and never will. Let me know your thoughts. Oh, and make it something artistic and eco-friendly this time, no burning please. Thank you.

p.s. I did flip the cat.

Tweet cloud for a/w 2011 Fashion Weeks so far

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