The combinations of fabric, leather and fur we are seeing all over the a/w 2011 catwalks are no mere coincidence. 

While those may have been catapulted to mainstream success by another favourite of mine a season later, I’m sure Todd, with his a/w 2010 La Chasse collection, had two hands in making it all happen. To Todd, change comes naturally and organically. But it does happen, and coming from clean-with-a-twist (think suits with horn-like spiky shoulders) through body armour (skeletal and muscular structures of leather and fur) and futu-rustic creations to the art of perfect shaping and draping (see below) worthy of a baroque painting is proof enough.

Always sharp, always second skin, what he does is as rustic as it is sophisticated. His clothes in his collection Revelation: Revolution will blend in seamlessly in a movie set in the biblical age, the Renaissance or in one of H.R. Giger’s otherworldly environments. And my wardrobe.

Which, unexpectedly, brings us to the point. Beyond the obvious and the technicalities (that Todd is one of the most important reasons why I’m here writing this), there is something about his clothes and Me (my spiritual core and its external manifestation if you will) that is one and the same. I’m your tiny catwoman who likes to pretend to wear her rock‘n’roll heart on her leather and fur sleeve. The truth, of course, is much more complicated than that – let’s just say no battle is a problem for a Todd Lynn-clad Army of Me.

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