Welcome to the party! I've always wanted to do my own outfit photo posting, but have been putting it off 'til the time is right. By now I know it will never be, so might as well take the plunge. 

Besides timing, there was always the issue of quality. No, I haven't purchased a Canon EOS along with all the accessories, haven't got a single step closer even to semi-professional photography, and no, I haven't miraculously found the perfect spots for natural and artificial lighting or the right background in my messy little pad.

Instead, I'm expecting to push myself to figure it all out as I go. You are welcome to contribute to, or laugh your butt off at, the development process. Just make sure you enjoy it, that's what I plan to do myself. But errrm, whatever you do, take it easy on me - many of the pics will be beyond repair, and I will be posting them regardless.

You've been warned. The party photo should be close to what you expect, but the below is what you may well get, except, you should see more of the outfits. Sooo... see you around. Cheers!

corset trousers: Warehouse, polka-dot blouse: Primark, jacket: vintage, knitted beanie hat: River Island, satin shirt: vintage

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