The Flowers Of Decadence

Bora’s signature dark twist appears to be taken a touch more lightly than usual – as due for spring and summer, one would think – but it’s none the less twisted. And that’s only the first glance. Fast forward twenty seconds, and the full-on decadence unfolds in a rush and sweeps you off your feet if you’re not careful.

Floating down a catwalk covered with rustling leaves are manicured foliages of champagne and powder cream coloured swathes of sheer silk, layers upon layers, tactile trims and intricate appliqu├ęs, silk roses, ribbon ties, accentuated by dark, patterned fishnet tights and a space-age Lady Marmalade poise.

Technically, what you see is early 20th century underwear, underskirts, corsets, dressing gowns, worked into modern pieces like trousers, halterneck tops, blouses, and predominantly, cocktail dresses. As the promenade progresses, both colour and darkness arrive as when the sky turns the softest hue of blue velvet.

The drama of the baroque touch and a vintage feel, inspired by handwritten postcards from 1904, handmade silk roses on 1960s couture dresses and the wedding scene in the 1996 Lars von Trier movie Breaking the Waves, is an intricate little world of its own – dark indeed, and deliciously difficult to make out.

Behold the flowers of decadence in full bloom

runway stills:

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