So far, most of us have only known this sort of thing from posters, postcards and silent movies. The collection is such a lesson in fashion history that it makes you want to be a lady with a capital L just to see it all in action again.

There’s high octane glamour in the flowing silhouettes – the city lady, the ballerina, the adventurer, la ingĂ©nue and all the others I won’t even try and label – but somehow, made easy to wear.

Besides the general epic ladylikeness inspired by Thirties jazz and the French Riviera, note the million little details, the chokers, frills, cuts, regal prints and embellishment combined with lace, belts, bows, trims and gloves are just what you’re after when you want to spice up a modern look and to stand out from the crowd.

Many of the outfits LOOK so unreal in our everyday world, yet they FEEL incredibly real. Look out, with Caroline tapping with such expert hands into forgotten eras year-on-year, digging for moth-eaten and often gold-priced vintage pieces quickly loses its appeal.

runway stills:

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