No matter where I have worked so far, explicitly declared dress-down Fridays have always eluded me. Still, I can't help noticing how everyone breaks out the jeans to mark the beginning of the week-end, permitted or not by the dress code.

I am no exception - however, I don't worship the trinity of the Jean, the Tee and the Holy Sneaker, nor do I consider it as a classic dress-down option. Instead, I'll pick a pair of jeans - of the several dozens I appear to own - and dress it up. Heels, brogues, blouses, blazers, shirts and waistcoats, bows, ties, granny's brooches, anything that's smart, vintage or fun goes.

So this is the Friday outfit. The 1970s blouse is a vintage store find from only a few months back - a shame that the fully pleated front and back, the waist and neck ties, the frill, or the print, for that matter, don't come across in the pictures. I included a couple of snaps so you can get a closer look.

The skinny flare jeans are by River Island - snug enough to make you look slightly (or more than slightly) phhat for a UK size 6, but I love the beautiful retro 'Swedish blue' colour and the size + cut of the back pockets too much to care.

Looking at the mock 1970s style, I admit the outfit could do with a chunky gold necklace or a gold chain belt a la Issa a/w 2011, however, in real life, I felt there was already too much going on at the front of the blouse (for details, refer to my list of the things that don't come across). 

Oh, you might want to swap the oinker for a clutch bag, but that's you I'm afraid. See you really soon.

1970s blouse: vintage, skinny flares: River Island, platform shoes: Asos, trilby: H&M, pig: a gift

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