Must say upfront: I’ve never been a Felder Felder fan. That’s probably due to more than my taste. After all, what’s not to like about the uber-coolness of the continental-bred, London-based cool-girl twins with great PR and a great personal style? Wild and wearable, full of rock & roll, I sort of always expected their collections to call out to me, and it just wouldn’t happen. Until now.

Surrender draws near as I find I’m loving the leather harnesses, and the way they are taking the fetish trend out of the dungeons and right into the sunlight. Bright and sherbet colours, florals, caleidoscopic prints teleport you right to Ibiza, while they would not look out of place during cocktail hours in the city.

A new way to do darkness, bursting with life, injecting colour into metallics and toughness, or spilling the bleach on dramatic florals and caleidoscopic prints. As Dani and Annette would say, Jen Brill meets Pina Bausch dancers at a glamorous gig downtown.

I’m really drawn to strong statements made with subtlety, to both darkness and light, tough and girlie stuff, and a fresh take on existing trends. I know, the latter might not qualify as anything pioneering but that’s the point.

I like to be surprised by the arrival of a trend, see it blossom, hear its tides wash all over the city, let it in, snuggle up with it, get under its skin, cherish it, and finally, instead of quickly ditching it for something new, take the path of growing and changing with it. This takes several seasons at best, and every stage should be celebrated.

And that was probably why, when I saw Felder Felder’s spring-summer collection, vertigo hit. Should I resist or should I fall? I'll leave it up to you girls, and to next season. The call of the depth is tempting.

runway stills: elleuk.com, felderfelder.com

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