Sundays often start like that. A long, long lie-in after a longish night with guests, then a hearty breakfast, a bit of housework such as hanging the washing to dry, making lunch, and lying back on the couch reading ELLE. 

A perfect afternoon in old jeans, a 1980s style jumper from New Look, and a scarf. All that equals no dressing up, and no room for any home glam (negligees, dressing gowns, silk PJs, turbans, scarlet lips, you get the idea), but no tracksuits either, mind you. That is the grunge of things chez moi, over a typical week-end.

Snuggling up with the glossy well before it gets dark takes your mind off having to go to work only too soon. But what do you do when the realisation hits - you're out of bread, and there is no choice but to get out into the cold? Throw on a puffa and head straight out? Or start the usual routine of finding something to wear from scratch? 

Today, neither seemed appropriate. I wanted to keep the grungy feel and the jumper, but making sure the outfit is somewhere in the realm of citywear. Here's the result... On the way back, I'll treat myself to a box of blueberries, a bar of chocolate and a well-earned coffee. 

Jumper: New Look, mustard wash green jeans: Mango, 
scarf: charity shop, suede wedge trainers: Topshop

Jumper: New Look, wool pencil skirt: no idea (Mum's maybe?), spot print silk shell blouse: Zara,
emerald patent bag: Mango, patent leather floral embossed boots: Dr. Martens Darcie

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