Things are getting a bit matchy-matchy in GreyCatte's Lair. That trend is about to resurface in the outside world after years of deliberate non-matching, but for now, I admit, it feels a bit forced, until...

...you come across a lovely, dark jewel colour that you have just, almost accidentally, stocked up on. You've got to have the nerve and risk going over the top, and where better to apply it than to workwear?

Together, the tux-style blazer and the platform loafers look awfully polished for my taste, so instead of smart trousers, I opted for casual, artfully crinkled (never-ironed) jodhpurs.

And the quirky detail? The belt overload. I love a double belt so I threw two on - and one had to be dark green so the matchiness remains even if I remove the jacket. 

That part is nothing quirky if you ask me, just one of the nuances average people can't seem to get their heads around. All you creative style-conscious lot, never stop educating them, at least one small step at a time.

Blazer: New Look, heeled loafers: Miss Selfridge, jodhpurs: Topshop,
shirt: no idea (still a wardrobe staple), brown belt: C&A, green belt: charity shop

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