Spring can be cool in more than one way. When it gets unpredictable, uncomfortable, even gloomy, many of us try and lose the blues by stubbornly sticking to weather-inappropriate clothing. Some will even take that to the next level, pretending it's high summer. Not me.

Believe it or not, are those who are used to continental or Mediterranean summers, and cannot stand the discomfort of bare skin anywhere south of 27 degrees - must they risk dressing like it's winter all over again? Here's my compromise: cover up good, and trust your mood to colour. Even those around you may thank you for it. OK, fine, the neoprene parka is optional, reserved for the very worst of what spring has to offer.

Leather trim dress, premium parka and platform heels: Asos

A bit of fun comes in all shapes and sizes. Cameo brooch: a gift

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