“My SS13 collection has a strong botanical influence - taken from observance of fauna at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The collection will feature my trademark sculptural shapes, and that’s about all that I can give away… You’ll have to come to the show!”
And just so, with Florilegium, Corrie teleported us into her fantasy version of Kew Gardens to show us a few things that had intrigued her through the years. And we agree - it's hard to resist the somewhat creepy allure of all the pearly, powdery, soft coloured petals in yellow, pink, light blue and white, and the ombre colour effects.

But, speaking of the most beautiful gardens, there are always more to them than just their sentient inhabitants. I remember how I used to be fascinated by the huge, domed glass greenhouses full of lush, tropical vegetation as a child, but how on earth do you take that home? 

Well, if there is someone who can help with that, it's Corrie. Her creations have always been sculptural and architectural, so I'm not surprised that, for once, she didn't resist the temptation to take the literal route in a quest to make the botanical experience complete.

runway stills:

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