I can't think of one better among designers of bold, punchy, cheeky, modern, print-propelled AND instantly wearable clothing than Henry Holland. And while the statement held up absolutely as next spring's collection took off with a diagonal check colourblock suit to set the mood, it couldn't prepare me for what came next.

The long skirts, tees, the dress-and-trousers combo, the sunglasses, the metallics, the crop tops, the beanies and the bolder, nearly-neon florals and rainbow smudge prints all paid homage to the 1990s street and relaxed club scene. The buzzword for the collection was Buzz Kill. That said, I should not have been surprised - who but Henners should bring that back, put it into perspective and make it all fun again?

My personal favourites, beside the check dye were the metallic jacquard pieces, to be coordinated with similar-hued florals or stripes - literally want them ALL, and want them right now: the jacquard trousers, the dress, the skirt, and, be still my beating heart, the parka, a genius idea that has eluded everyone else to date. The verdict: I was there in the 90s, may a no-small portion of it rest in oblivion, and I'm not a fan of a lot of styles from that era. Still, Henners got me swooning over this collection, and that's saying something.

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