Halfway recovered from the shock of that show-stopping, jaw-dropping beauty attack, I was quickly flipping through the images on the laptop when I heard a discreet pop from behind me - his eyes, no doubt - and the exclamation: those are reeeal-ly goo-ood!

He is quite used to it all by now that he doesn't bother to comment on show looks. Plus, you know how boys hate artsy stuff - I feared he would put Mary's work in that category and freak out. But low and behold, he was just as mesmerised as I was err, as we all were.

Little did he know what a 'simple' and pure collection this was compared to previous ones including my old hyper-structured, exuberant favourites by Mary, but I'm hoping to remedy that situation soon enough. For now, it should suffice to marvel at the concept of s/s 2013's postal stamp and bank note prints, built into the most flattering structures. And yes, some of the prints carried Greek inscriptions, more for their cultural and graphic values I should say than trying for an economic punchline, envisioning the return of the Drachma. But sure enough, they did help make front-row tweets wittier than usual, and we should be thankful for that.

Mary knows that some people who buy her designs will never wear them but put them on display behind glass at home like the works of high art they are. While I don't think that should bother Mary in the slightest, I was wondering if she was influenced by that fact to produce pieces that more people will find more readily wearable. Not that it matters too much, as Queen Of Print Mary the Mesmeriser - it is not too early for royal nicknames, nor is it an overstatement, trust me - can be counted on for more magic season-on-season.Συγχαρητήρια MK.

runway stills:

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