First thing's first: Topshop, I'm in love with your retro sci-fi Show Space. The most fashion-forward of the Great British High Street never fails to put down its unique stamp, not just in high street retail but fashion design in general. Nomen est omen.

Unique's s/s 2013 collection took two basic directions: oversized and sleek. The first was all about wide, soft, relaxed trousers, jackets, shirt dresses and jumpsuits in a nod to sports luxe but quite unlike anyone else's take on the trend. The second takes care of office or drinks time for you, semi-fitted with a bit of clever structure, sparkle or transparency. 

Keeping the two directions together are the large check print and the geometric panel details. It all seems so much more focused in direction and colourways than the previous ones that I begin to wonder which came first, the collection or the spanking new sleek white sci-fi movie set of a show space...

runway stills:

2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars...

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