I've always been quite the baroque creature when it comes to beautiful things - more is more, the louder the better - but too chicken to wear tapestry or classic wallpaper prints.

This year, it was time for a change, because nowadays, if you want to dress in head-to-toe floral, baroque, paisley or jacquard, you'll find the choice is overwhelming, even on the high street. But to find your favourites is a challenge, and you can't just pick any piece or combo - you owe it to yourself to buy what works best for you.

By the time I discovered this Topshop tapestry print, it had already sold out, except for the white summer sleeveless-crop-shirt-and-shorts co-ordinates. But soon enough, the black suit emerged in the petite range, so it was time I took full advantage of my imposing 5'2".

The trousers in my size are teeny-tiny, they look almost like leggings but after some heavy road-aka-office testing I found them quite easy to wear. For an even smarter look I decided to go a size up (taking advantage of the sales) but I'm definitely keeping this smaller pair too.

The belt was basically an accident - I wanted something elastic to keep the waist together and hide anything that needed to be hidden even if I decided to undo the buttons (yep, the waist on the petite size 6 is that small for me). I have no idea where I got it but it's something cheap. As it happens, it was the metal clasp detail that put a real baroque stamp on the whole otherwise baroque enough outfit.

The blouse from Zara with its contrast collar, front and cuffs gives structure, proving that colour blocking details tend to look amazing with exuberant prints. To finish it off, I needed heels, so I went with my trusty storm-coloured patent shoe boots. If you want the right bag to go with all this, choose a sturdy and boxy classic satchel or some big, butter-soft leather beauty in rich, dark tan with bits of gold detailing. 

While I was taking the photos, I was so impatient to keep going that I wouldn't wait until I could hang up - sorry if I sounded weird, Mum. It might well happen again.

tapestry print trousers and blazer: Topshop
contrast detail blouse: Zara, shoe boots: Clarks, elastic belt: no idea

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