Since this last April, the label's creative director Alistair Carr left and was not replaced, Pringle of Scotland seems to be running in test mode - hence, maybe, the decision to swap the show for a presentation at London Fashion Week.

The collection is softer, more inward-looking than in past years, and walks the fine line between irresistibly smart, prim and relaxed, built on its rich traditions of making cashmere knitwear, with the signature argyle print and twinsets. 

Served mostly in bold cobalt blue, aqua/turquoise, pearly pastels and bits of citrus colours, the pieces are soft and delicate, modern with a retro feel.

While far from the somewhat bolder, sharpish or more obviously retro silhouettes we remember it by - from the time we were re-discovering the great heritage brand - there is indeed interest and curiosity for how it will evolve. The direction Pringle of Scotland is taking is pretty and sophisticated, but we also like things that are more obvious - if you have something to say, spit it out. Either way, we win.

runway stills:

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