As I said, after all those years of teeth chattering, I went on a mission to find portable warmth in cool coats, and found something I did not expect. Co-modelling some serious Wellensteyn is Sir Shebi, number one rock star, treasurer, high priest and chief executioner among other things, of his lot (let's leave it at that), with his own pricey little branded coat. He said to tell you it's not a bottle warmer he's wearing.

I came across German brand Wellensteyn in a department store, tried on this style called 'Kitzb├╝hel' (don't ask) and fell for it hopelessly. Now, let's get one thing straight. I'm not a great fan of the great outdoors to say the least, and never cared about anything practical. Or, in the language of  stylish folk, 'boring', 'anti-fashion', and 'style rut', all in one. But with this coat discreetly oozing style and luxury, I felt just the opposite: coming out of my comfort zone and thinking out of the box. And so it was that, just before Christmas, I eased straight into this end-of-the-world cocoon with the softest faux fur lined hood and pocketses for your cold little handses.

Now for the outfits

As I first looked the brand up online, it hit me that it was a favourite with horse riders around the world, recommended by many an equestrian club and association, which inspired the rider-biker outfit you could wear out on the track, complete with Hunter boots.

Coat: Wellensteyn, boots: Hunter Regent wellies, biker jeans: Zara, knitted poloneck: Terranova

The Dr. Martens lace-up boots came in as I thought the coat could look a bit bulky on a petite like me, but a pair of sturdy knee-highs would balance it out. OK, I still look bulky, I'll give you that, but I also look like I could kick the butt of anyone who dares say it.

Coat: Wellensteyn, boots: Dr Martens, baroque print jeans: New Look, knitted poloneck: Terranova

Lastly, the over-the-knee high heeled boot look was inspired by Belstaff (see my inspiration slide), I love the tough, feminine, urban feel to it. Too bad I'm too chicken to actually wear those boots.

Coat: Wellensteyn, boots: Topshop, baroque print jeans: New Look, knitted poloneck: Terranova

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