Don't you love it when Fridays are both comfy and glam affairs? Mode d'emploi here...

1. Pull on your current favourite pair of jeans to start with - make sure it's soft, snug and comfy.

2. Pair it with a fitted shirt. Style-wise, unisex is best, but within that range there are no limits: gingham check, crispy plain, glam western with trims.

3. Wear leather boots. I'm wearing a classic knee-high pair in rich tan. Would you dare cowboy boots?

4. Pick a bag that's cool but casual, doesn't look big but all your stuff fits in it.

5. When it comes to accessories, go for a final look that's a bit matchy-matchy, but also balanced. That's how I came to wear two belts, one wide in chocolate, and a finer vintage one in tan. 

6. Up the glam factor with a scarf, twisted casually around your neck under the shirt. It's both very cowboy and very smart, especially if you don't compromise and wear a beautiful, silky, vintage equestrian whiff of a fabric in colours matching your outfit.

Et voilá. Give a tiny nod to the weather when choosing your jacket or coat, whether it's camel smartness or denim trash.

gingham shirt and boots: Mango, skinny jeans: Terranova, wide belt: C&A, tan belt: vintage,
scarf: Polo Ralph Lauren, canvas bag: Prada,
camel coat: Zara, denim jacket: Promod

scarf: Polo Ralph Lauren

canvas bag: Prada


  1. Amazing outfit! Love it from head to toe!We’re now following you via gfc and facebook :)

    Hope you visit us and follow back if you like!
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  2. thanks dear, joined you via gfc and FB, absolutely stylish! :)

  3. Ilove the Prada bag