If you know me, chances are you have met my inner smartish boy. If not, it is high time.

When I feel like a lady, it's incredibly empowering, but most of the time, that is not the case. For this tomboy, dressing like a schoolgirl comes more naturally, but what if that becomes boring, or not enough? Sometimes, you just need to get a clearer message out there, even if most people will never get it. Or worse, as all stylish man-repellers know, it may make them cringe in horror - whatever.

The smart basics to choose from are quite obvious: tailored or tapered trousers, blazers, boxy shirts, fine jumpers, ties, brogues, classic loafers, socks, trench coats, Cambridge satchels, checks and stripes. When you have a basic idea of what your outfit will be, pick one feminine piece to go with it, like fierce heels, or maybe a shirt or a jumper with a cute print.

Even if going boyish is not your usual idea of standing out from the crowd, I do suggest you try it, because it's liberating, it tends to shake people up around you, and it keeps the dreaded style rut away (turning back into a girl will make you feel all fresh). Oh, and because you can.

navy and pink striped boy's shirt: M&Co, mini dogtooth print trousers: Asos,
triple buckle fringed oxblood ankle boots: Asos
knee high studded boots and Union Jack umbrella: Topshop

the prints

ankle boots: Asos

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