Summoned straight from my personal greyscale heaven.

When you love grey or are attracted to greyscale, in a season black and white, you're a kid in a candy shop. I must tell you upfront, there are few people on the planet who hate the black pencil skirt and white blouse combo or the classic power skirt suit (a la working girl) more than I do. But, but, but... when elements of power dressing, such as simple black and white are in, there's unlimited greatness at all price levels to fill your wardrobe with to the brim - your way. You only need a few smart basics you will be keeping for years, and a sackful of fun pieces to help you weigh the trend in your favour. The results speak for themselves: only in monochrome-land can you throw on a fine, nearly shapeless 1980s style photo tee and look utterly boardroom-ready.

p.s. Rio does Rock. Besides the obvious reasons to love it, this tee reminds me that there was once Rush in Rio, that there is always Rock in Rio, that I used to learn Portuguese besides Spanish and love it, I plan to visit Rio sometime, I love monochrome photos, palm trees and beaches and big cities and samba and Latin America, and that I had a few similar tees back in the day (err, one in neon pink that said 'Dirty Dancing') and have fond memories of that time... What I mean is, if you are over 14, please don't ever wear a slogan tee because it's the trend. But because it is a trend, you should be able to find motifs or slogans that really call out to you, or say something true, something public, or something secret about you.

Rio Rocks monochrome tee and sandals: Mango, zip biker skirt: New Look,
leather biker jacket: Topshop, fan-shaped bag: vintage

leather sandals: Mango

vintage bag


  1. I love the look with the leather jacket - super chic!


  2. Thank you - bikers are a girl's best friends...

  3. Great looks, dear:)
    Beautiful blog!!!

    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  4. What a chic look darling! Love your top <3

  5. Thank you dear! Any cheap thing can be priceless ;)