I used to be everything but minimal, but thanks to an urge to shun old insecurities and to the oh-so-right monochrome palette, I decided it was high time I found my glam and sleek self. Getting old, am I? Bah.

As a teenager I was the thrift-shop-and-vintage dancing queen, and by far the quirkiest looking person I had known, all too happy to earn the disapproval of the narrow-minded. I still love print, motifs, vintage, Converse and Docs, I still do schoolgirl (coming up soon I guess), rocker, Sixties chick (here, here, and here, and over here), Seventies (oh yeah, uh oh, why not, umokay), biker (here and there) and boy meets girl, but boy, have I been forever longing to see if I could be SLEEK. Deep down, I must have been convinced that I could not - hence that rebellious streak, my safe haven.

Well, I think I can feel a change coming on, thanks to the monochrome block trend and a somewhat masculine, clean, minimal and timeless vibe that cropped up as a counterpoint to baroque - something that feels premium and something you had thought you would not find on the high street. But here it is, and you don't need a better excuse to really go at it.

So, reinventing done, just an errant thought on inverting, and how some of the traditional style rules are getting kicked in the butt these days. When it comes to businesswear, for example, your top or shirt must not be darker than the suit, you must not wear black tights with white dresses, or white shoes with black trousers and so on. However, the current monochrome trend with its sleek pieces and 'barely there' heels seems to be changing the game, and still leaving you no less smart than a black power suit. Is inversion the new rebellion then? Not really - you look so smart no one will notice. And hell yeah - it's a secret satisfaction, and a rebel is always a rebel.

White trousers and blazer, halterneck top, heels: Mango, metal plaque belt: New Look

minimal heels: Mango

Tassel, charm and pushlock lady bag: I Am

P.S. I can't seem to get enough of black and white chic, so much that my dearest has labelled this below my 'fashion editor look'. Where he got the idea is beyond me (honestly!), but it's the most flattering compliment ever.

Reinvert Yourself

Disco sleek: straight out of Studio 54. 
Oil sleek: straight from under your motorbike.
You can almost hear the music.

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