An old, old outfit as things in fashion go, but none the less relevant - there is still time to work the classic pleated school skirt into your days.

Every wardrobe should have at least one red tartan skirt, and a few blackwatch (green and navy) pieces you can wear anytime, anywhere. I've always been a schoolgirl at heart and could never resist a good old classic meets gothic meets punk piece as this stewart tartan vintage skirt. Over the past few seasons, tartan has conquered every small pocket of life on this planet - so, while stating the obvious in more than one way, I also couldn't not share this previously unpublished set of pics. Hope you enjoy them.

Try your tartan skirt with every single pair of black shoes or boots you have to give your outfit a different feel every time. As outerwear, a school blazer or a leather biker jacket are the easiest staples, but don't let anyone tell you what to wear on your punk day.

red tartan pleated skirt: vintage, soft black poloneck top: River Island, wool blazer: Zara,
biker boots: Dr. Martens, vintage boy scout belt: Portobello market

Orin biker boots: Dr. Martens


  1. a very nice ironed pleated skirt

    1. Thanks so much Sandra - it's a real school uniform piece as far as I know, those pleats are indestructible ;)