I'm taking my new powder blue biker dress for a spin and share three tricks for how to approach shopping for the saccharine stuff.

I have lived to see a couple of seasons with sugary pastel shades being all the rage. What always happens is, you gorge yourself on the sweetness and get sicker of it than you've ever been before, and all too soon. Add to that the way you feel about having spent all that cash on a pink skater skirt, a dozen tops in mint, lilac, lemon, a pair of printed shorts and some yellow jeans you will not be wearing again... aaargh. What I'm saying is, trends are not for you to buy heavily into, or too steer clear of altogether - they are something to be clever about. Especially ice cream hues, which tend to be en vogue for much shorter than most others.


Don't load up on "handy basics" like t-shirts, camis, jeans, chinos, shirts, or even blazers in the coolest pastel hues. When you are absolutely sure which items you'd make good use of, buy one single piece of those very few. For example, I love to wear blazers, but I know I wouldn't wear one in pink ponte. Waste not, want not.


Stay clear of "investment pieces" like yummy leather jackets and spring coats in the shades of the moment or full-on prints. Even if you are crazy about them, even if everyone else gets them. Or especially then. But again, when you've resisted the cutest mass items long enough, and carefully worked out what exactly you need in your wardrobe, find the most affordable (but still amazing) version on the high street or look to vintage when you can. For example, my staple leather biker is black and I wear it all the time. The oh-so-now light blue leather or faux leather versions are both too pricey per wear, so I keep resisting them. However, after a while I really wanted a very classic biker jacket in white, and found the best in a thick textured smart jersey fabric at a nip for something like £25.


Use new and probably short-lived colour trends to experiment and reinvent your style. Be smart and pick a piece you love that you don't have in other colours so it can take on a life of its own. Buy something with a twist - to balance pastels, the right thing to do is a bit of toughening up, like this biker dress. And finally, don't spend a fortune, just the amount you would on any other piece of its kind - this one cost between £30 and £40. It's probably not something you wear a lot but it makes the right impact and, trust me, most pastel "basics" won't get a single outing anyway.

Class dismissed - stay safe and enjoy spring at least as much as I do.

biker dress: LOVE (In Love With Fashion), ankle boots and leather biker jacket: Zara,
bowler hat: River Island, studded leather cuff: Jimmy Choo

ankle boots: Zara

bowler hat: River Island, studded leather cuff: Jimmy Choo


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