How not to, and how to work the maxi trend if you are petite like me, tips on Nineties grunge, and a few options if you just want to get gothic with it.

I used to wear long skirts when I was a kid, partly because I was inspired by the family hand-me-downs (think pencil midi denim, straight metallic stretch and floral dirndls), and partly to annoy the old lady on the block who thought it was indecent for young girls to wear long skirts. I also remember wearing an oxblood straight maxi skirt with a sheer oxblood shirt, and a Nineties denim maxi skirt with a brownish ombre finish - don't even try to picture the latter, you might see it sometime in the future. 

Now, with the Nineties trend raging, I wanted to try the kind of outfit I never wore, a maxi slip dress worn as a skirt with chunky boots. Should you care, my grunge style was basically made up of combos like these: 

  • checked shirt + black miniskirt + black tights + ankle boots
  • striped longline shirt + leggings + mod shoes
  • dresses over pants, and a black oversized cropped denim jacket with a metallic rose appliqué on the back, ahhh...
  • tiny cami dresses (like this one) + knee-high lace-up boots + vintage Sixties suede A-line coat 

Anyway, as you can see I tried said look and must say I got totally discouraged. No wonder I've managed to stay clearer than clear of the Nineties maxi trend - wearing it this way, I mean, totally covered up, boots and all, any petite is right to feel bulky and swamped. Therapeutic slash at my confidence finally behind me, I decided to nurse my wounds with a quick band aid of petite-approved maxi looks. Keywords to remember: floaty, breezy, open, summer. With maxi lengths, you only get the balance you need if you show as much skin as possible, or go for figure-hugging tops.


maxi slip dress worn as a skirt: vintage shop, crocheted shell top vintage,
boots: New Look, sunglasses: Topshop, beanie: BDG x Urban Outfitters


pleated jersey maxi skirt: Primark, sandals: River Island, top: Mango

Guatemalan style cotton dress: Kate Moss x Topshop,
sandals: River Island, trilby: New Look


If your reason to do Nineties is to indulge in a bit of grungy gothic, aim for all things short or skin-tight - they will feel amazing with those heavy boots. 

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