Summer is a good time to start again, here's how to make it smart and fun.

It's hard to let go of things even when you know it's high time, so it's only natural that sometimes events force your hand. I find myself thinking what I want to do next, how much of a change I would like to live with, how high to aim or how low it could be worth tolerating in order to make a good change. What would you do if you had the balls for it? Summer is a nice time to enjoy a bit of a rest too, though, even if the scorching heat slows you down and is bent on preventing you from dressing up properly. This June's outfits are the first part of a transition that has relatively little to do with the weather, but even more than before, were made for smartness and total comfort.

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Embroidered top, denim chinos: Mango, sandals: Clarks,bag: Est.1969 x New Look
Top, bag and sandals: as before, denim shirt: Terranova, jeans: River Island 

colourblock dress: H&M, sandals: Dr. Martens Gryphon, biker cardi: C&A, choker: Asos
striped shirt: H&M, bootcut jeans: Topshop, bag: Zara, belt: vintage, sliders: Nineties

utility shirt: ripped jeans: Asos, fringe bag: H&M, sandals: Clarks
dress: Asos, summer parka, sandals and trilby: New Look, bag: I Am

pencil dress: Mango, sandals: New Look
chino shorts and shirt: New Look, sandals: Clarks, backpack: Nineties

side stripe pants: Zara, shell top: New Look, leather sliders: River Island, sunnies: Primark
khaki chinos, sandals, gold tab belt: New Look, shirt: Topshop, fringe bag: H&M

frill front dress: Topshop, sandals: Clarks, backpack: New Look
shirt: Mango, boyfriend jeans: River Island, trainers: Topshop

jeans: Gap real straight, V-neck: New Look, neoprene bag: Asos, flats: London Rebel
jeans: Gap always skinny, silver oxfords, clutch and tee: New Look, blazer: Zara

utility shirt: New Look, jeans: Terranova, snake skaters: Mango, shopper: Zara
gold stripe shirt: Zara, jeans: New Yorker, trainers: Topshop, trilby and belt: New Look, backpack: Nike

blazer, camo pants, bag: Zara, utility shirt, loafers: New Look
Arrows flying overhead


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