Obsessed with somewhat cleaner looks these days :)

The past weeks were about fashion season, a lot of sleep and preparing to launch a new blog. So, the looks are few and far between but it's never too late to learn and appreciate quality over quantity.

About the new blog, then. I want a clean, minimal, more lifestyle-focused outlet for both looks and travel diaries and who knows what else - I'll let you know when it's ready for a peek.

Stay safe out there :)

Find my live feeds on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and selected looks on Lookbook.

coat, collared tee: vintage, baroque leggings: New Look, skaters: Topshop
faux fur pom-poms: gifted, choker: ASOS, scarf: H&M, faux fur scarf: Terranova
sweater: vintage, parka: New Look, jeans: New Yorker, trainers: Adidas

dress, boots: ASOS, rollneck, bag: New Look, leather jacket: Terranova,
faux fur vest: vintage, necklace: Pull & Bear
dress: ASOS, coat: H&M, bag: New Look, shades: Primark

bomber: ASOS, shirt: Terranova, jeans: Gucci, heels: Dr. Martens, bow brooch: Emily the Strange
suede jacket: vintage, skirt: Topshop, rollneck: New Look, boots: ASOS, necklace: Pull & Bear

denim jacket, sheer black shirt: vintage, spot shirt: Primark,
jeans: River Island, boots: Zara, scarf: H&M

Portofino sweater: Pull & Bear, bomber: H&M, jeans: ASOS, boots: Dr. Martens

biker: Gap, knitted rollneck: vintage, jeans: River Island, trainers: Converse, bag: New Look
tee: Emily the Strange, leather biker, trousers: Zara, belt: Topshop, shoes: ASOS, scarf: H&M

shirt: H&M, jeans: Terranova, loafer mules: vintage


Recent terrace action
check out the uber cute vid on Instagram

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