Imagine a movie scene in which James Bond (think Sean Connery and the 1960s) gets drugged by some dangerous villain, only to find himself trapped in an underground cathedral, having nightmares of psychedelic jazz playing in the background, as a host of gorgeous and unusually properly dressed women ignores him. Tough break, isn't it?

Walking slowly down a maze of a catwalk, we see 1950s and 1960s inspired silhouettes, pieces and details, such as strong curves and A-lines, full skirted coats, suits and dresses, swing jackets, big beehives with hairbands, cat-eye sunglasses, and a series of timeless, deliberately non-modern shoes worn with grey marl ribbed socks.

Apparently, Prada is bent on teaching the world how to be sexy in a classy and conservative way, but while  we love Miuccia's clothes, not a lot of this collection is for you and me. I could only imagine Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn carry some of the outfits off.

In a nod to all that's contemporary, classic tweed, silk, knits and the more traditional embellishments are combined with leather and PVC in black, brown or tan, a fun mix-and-match of accessories, and edgy double collars. Just the epitome of cool, playful and dramatic at the same time.

It's a pity that Audrey Hepburn never was a Bond girl. She could have been the villainous queen of cool, stunning and capturing 007 single-handedly, then playing jazz on a turntable, slowly pacing around in that cathedral, ignoring us all.

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