Yesterday I attended WAMP design fair in Budapest, and thought it should be fun to quickly review a few up-and-coming Hungarian designers that have caught my eye.

Next stop: La Masni. Dedicated to the bow, snug and laid back, with more than a few intended puns in the motto along the lines of tight and loose, snug and relaxed, the brand has some true genius to celebrate. And it's the PLATYPUS BAG, people. Want want want.

You must forgive me, I fell head over heels for this trolley bag so bad I hardly had eyes for anything else. I want to be the envy of all planespotters with one of these whisking its way loyally after me at the airport.

image: La Masni

Still, I recall other clever stuff including hooded macs and framed purse shaped bags made from clear giant bubble foil, hope you can make some of it out. Sorry for the low quality photo, next time I will pretend to be a photo journalist, promise, bar the non-professional camera I happen to own.

Then, the doggy-shaped bags -  the two-tone ones in camel and choc were exquisite, but let's not forget the ones with x-ray image overlays of the doggies' skeletons. The term doggy bag takes on a whole new meaning, unless, of course, you choose to to carry your meal around in it...

image: La Masni

And yes, there were clothes, but those must wait till next time. Let's face it, La Masni asked for it - that's what happens when you're making accessories too cool for school.

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